Hej, great you came over.


I'm Dennis, a Interaction Designer living in the wonderful city of Munich shaping the future of mobility at icon incar and as a freelancer.

What I have done so far...

I studied Online Media at HS Furtwangen as well as Interaction Design at HS Magdeburg-Stendal. In the meantime I did a whole bunch of internships, for example at denkwerk, JvM Neckar and IXDS and I was able to freelanced for great agencies like Herren der Schöpfung or Stilbezirk. Besides that I started a barcamp in the black forest and gave talks about UI and hardware prototyping at agencies like Virtual Identity. Furthermore I taught an Interaction Design course and gave classes about UI prototyping both at the HS Magdeburg-Stendal. Currently I work at icon incar and as a freelancer and co host a small German design podcast.

... and some fun work excerpts

I also helped some great companies with their products and processes.

Time for some name dropping:
Nokia, BSH Hausgeräte, Carmeq / Volkswagen, SIG, BOSE, UVEX, Telekom, Mercedes-Benz ...

Let's have an in-depth look...

For example Carmeq / Volkswagen ...

In a small team we rethought navigation for Carmeq / Volkswagen. We took in-car navigation out of the car into the driver's life as part of a holistic and human centred approach.
We created a user journey that helped the company to tackle different pain points and solve them by using and expanding their navigation technology. All of our thoughts and ideas were based on a survey that analysed the navigation habits of over 200 people.

... or BSH Hausgeräte ...

I was part of a team that innovated a new generation of household products, from cooking tops to dishwashers.
My job was to create an animation language that was usable in a all of the interfaces of these different devices. Besides creating branded animations my main focus was to help the users to establish a virtual mindmap of the interface structure. This was essential due to the complexity and the small screens that were implemented in most of the products.

... and also ██████████
[Well, I take NDAs pretty seriously]

Together with Herren der Schöpfung I shaped an app based vision for this huge company in the south-west of Germany. There was no room for a in depth user research due to the high confidentiality and a tight schedule of this project. That’s why I directly started with a (target group based) proto-persona and a user story. This helped a lot to stress possible problems and to get all the stakeholders on the same page. Out of these assets I created a step by step user flow that allowed me to delineate the future site map of the app. In co-creation with the great visual designers at Herren der Schoepfung we eventually prototyped the app vision in origami for our client.